AO: The Barn

When: 04/29/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Beetle, Corpse, End Zone, Hi Chu, LEO, Long Distance (LD), Outkick, Realtree, Scrappy, Waffles, Woodie,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

F3 names not listed: Kim Howard 55, Waffles; Walker Kim Howard 23, End Zone; John Kinnamer 28, Hi Chu; and name difference: Outside gives the name Sidekick.


LaGrange History Goes Hollywood

American Gangster, Frank Lucas

AO: The Barn in LaGrange

5:30  NJ   LEO  

  • Listen to Body & Modify
  • First-timers?


  1. Side-to-Side (4 pt: 12-3-6-9)
  2. Pushups w/ Kickouts Lt/Rt
  3. Table w/ Kickouts Lt/Rt
  4. Sumo Squats
  5. Bridge Raises + Kicks
  6. Speed Skaters

Functional Cardio:


  1. Triceps Dips
  2. Decline Pushups
  3. Two Wide Lines and Bear Craw uphill into the Barn.

Ten (10) Squats, then Bear Craw downhill out of Barn

Jog on W. Railroad St, across NC 903, to E. Railroad St to Rouse’s Funeral Home

Tabled Kicks Lt/Rt while History Class began.

Frank Lucas

Movie: American Gangster:

Denzel Washington, Russell Crow

Lucas was born in LaGrange in 1930. Soon after, his family moved to Greensboro, NC.

He was charged with several crimes and fled to NY to avoid be arrested. 

Jog down NC 903 to W. Washington St at Stop Light

Tabled Hold:

Opposite Hand & Foot and Switch

Continue History Class:

Lucas got involved with gangster Bumpy Johnson, who associated with Lucky Luciano and the Genovese Mafia Family, and supplied drugs to Harlem.

Johnson suddenly died and Lucas started his own operation and cut out the middle man (the Genovese Family), and bought Heroin directly from SE Asia in Thailand.

His drug was pure and cost less. It was called “Blue Magic.”

He was eventually arrested and turned State’s Witness for reduced prison time.

He died in 2019.

Jog to LaGrange Christian Church Parking Lot

Partner by 2   (5 Rounds)

At the Park-side end of parking lot:

One partner Table Hold at Parkside End, other partner 10 Squats, sprint to opposite end 10 pushups.

Sprint back and switch with partner.

COT to Stretch:

Legs: Hamstrings & other knee band

6:15    COT

  • Count & Name-Aroma
  • Prayer Request & Praises: Sissy Bar’s M, Fire Ant, Local families dealing with cancer, medical procedures, and deaths, Kinston HIMs go to GroRuck 22, Myrtle Beach.
  • Announcements


Nelson Johnson 57, LEO

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