AO: The Swamp

When: 01/12/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Bidet, Cock a Roach, CPR, FireAnt, Goggles, LEO, Mule, Never Happened, Oxy, Termite,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Never Happen - Tony Turner

The BackBlast:

Started 5:30 am in a rainy gloom, circled up decided we are here lets go ahead and stick it out.

Warm Ups – Flag

Arm Circle Forward                    10              Cadence

Arm Circle Backwards               10              Cadence

Good Mornings                           10              Cadence

Abe Vigoda                                  10              Cadence

High Knees                                  10              Cadence


Route 66

Start with first tree 1 Burpee to sixth tree adding 1 burpee at each tree total 6 Burpees and back in descending order.


Seating Behind Ballfield          2 Rounds

Merkins  Incline                  10              On Down

Merkins  Decline                 10              On Down

Squats                                   20              On Down

Step Ups                               20              Cadence

Dips                                      10              On Down


Suicides – Ball Field

Groups broken into 5 groups, the first group calls out exercise and second group and so on. PAX 1 will run suicide while PAX 2 completes required exercise then switch to PAX 2 and same. Each group called out an exercise.


Circled back up at the flag

Merkins                                15              On Down

Squats                                   20              On Down

WW11 Situps                      10              On Down

Side Straddle Hop             10              Cadence

Flutter Kicks                                  10                        Cadence 2 Count

Freddie Mercury                         10                        Cadence 2 Count

Weezy Jefferson                          10                        Cadence 2 Count

LBC Lil Baby Crunches               10                        10 Count


Cool Down – Flag

Abe Vigoda                                              10                        Cadence

Good Morning                                        10                        Cadence

Good Night                                              10                        Cadence

Arm Burners   Back & Forward           10                        Cadence



Prayer Concerns




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