The Woody

The Woody

Baseball has been an important pastime in Lenoir County dating back to the early 1900’s. Kinston has hosted farm clubs for 11 different major league franchises and one minor league club in its history. Professional baseball dates back to the 1908 team in the Eastern Carolina League. Kinston is also well known for breaking the color barrier by Carl Long entering into the Carolina League back in 1956. We at F3-Kinston feel like baseball has long been a part of bringing men together to build the same unity we have here at F3. Most recently, we are the home of the Down East Wood Ducks, a class A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. To honor the traditions of Lenoir County and Kinston baseball we name this award after the Wood Ducks Mascot DEWD aka Woody.

What is the Woody?

The Woody (1.0)- Post 8 times in a week. This can include up to 3 EC(Extra Credit Workouts)- Award is to sign an official Wood Ducks Jersey.
The Woody (2.0)- Post 20 times or more in a calendar month. Can only include 3 EC (Extra Credit Workouts)- Award is to sign an official Wood Ducks Bat.
The Woody (3.0)- Post at every AO in F3 Kinston for a regular scheduled workout in a two week time period. EC (Extra Credit Workout) doesn’t count for The Woody (3.0)- Award is to sign an official Wood Ducks Baseball
The Grand Woody (Grand Slam)- Hit all 3 in a calendar month you hit the grand slam.
Award is to sign a Wood Ducks Home Plate
This goes into effect January 1, 2021

January 2021

Woody 1.0
Woody 2.0
Woody 3.0
Grand Woody
F3 Kinston