When: 09/25/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: SpongeBob - Chip Herring

The BackBlast:

Backblast:  Walls of Jericho

AO:  Hollowed Grounds

Date:  9/25/2021

PAX: Wirenut, Grease Monkey, Speed Square, Sprint, SOL, Layup, Wolverine, SpongeBob

Total: 8

FNG: 0


Q: SpongeBob


The Backblast:

Welcome & Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Know your body and modify as needed.


Warm Up


10 Don Quiotes IC

10 Good Mornings IC

10 Collard Pickers IC

10 Rocking Chairs IC

10 Monkey Humpers IC


The Thang

Gutbusters (Burpee and Plank Jacks to Ghostbusters theme song

Wall Conveyor


Walls of Jericho

Round 1

7 Ascending Testicles (low-med-high) for 21 total reps

7 Donkey Kicks on Wall

7 Chicken Peckers IC

Lap around Building


Round 2

7 Flutter Kicks IC

7 Hip Slappers on Wall IC

7 Rocky Balboa’s on Wall IC


Round 3

7 Johnny Roscoes

7 Count Balls to The Wall IC


Lap around Building


Round 4

7 Pure Burn (3/4-1/2 then 1/2 -Full down) on balls of feet leaning against wall

7 Fox Holes

7 Alligator Merkins IC


Round 5

7 Dirty Hookups on Wall IC

7 Box Cutters IC

7 Dwight Howards on Wall


Round 6

7 Mike Tysons on Wall IC

7 Jackass Burpee Webbs on Wall (1 Burpee + 2 Donkey Kicks)

7 WWIs


Round 7

7 Count People’s Chair on Wall IC

7 Bonnie Blairs

7 Halleluiahs IC

We ended with Thunderstruck.

Cool Down



Pigeon Pose


Count-O-Rama & Name-O-Rama

Prayer Requests & Praises


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