AO: Hollowed Grounds

When: 10/02/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Gopher, LEO, Mule, SOL, Speed Square,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

Backblast: Walls, Balls, & Hills

AO: Hollowed Grounds (Holloway Park)

Date: 2021.10.02


Total: Mule, SOL, Speed Square, Gopher, LEO

FNG’s: -0-

FNG Names: NA



7a  NJ   LEO  

  • Listen to Body & Modify
  • First-timers?



  1. Side-to-Side
  2. Pushups w/ Kickouts Lt/Rt
  3. Deep Slow Squats
  4. Hip Bridge + Kicks
  5. Table w/ Kickouts Lt/Rt
  6. Crab Cakes
  7. Speed Skaters (Not IC)


Swing Exercises:

  1. Step / Jump Throughs
  2. Derkins – Feet in Swings
  3. Pullups


Moseyed to the Soccer Field at

Rochelle School

Rochelle School Grass Lawn (40 Yards)


  1. High Knees SKIP: Forward / Backward
  1. Straddles: Left / Right
  2. Karaoke: Left / Right
  3. Sprint 2x


Jogged to side wall of the school and put Balls to the Walls


  • Each PAX counted to 20, then 1 minute break.
  • Repeated but counted to 20 by ODD numbers, 1 min break.
  • Repeated but only counted to 10, in ROMAN NUMERALS. YQ only performed the Roman Numerals, but had been practicing.


Jog to Top of Steep Hill on Street:


Three Group Exercises for 1 Minute:


  1. Merkin Planked 1 min, moseyed to the bottom of the hill.
  1. Squats for 1 min, then jogged up the sidewalk and followed it to the top of the school entrance then down to the street.
  1. Flutter Kicks for 1 min, then jogged back to the top of the hill on the street.
  • Repeated 1 x

Recovery Walk back toward the Flag and stopped at the Grass/Yard area at the Parking Lot.

  • PAX raced the Length which is about 100 yards.

Recovery Walk toward the Flag, then picked up to a Mosey.

COT to Stretch:

  • Legs: Ham Strings & Groin

8am    COT

  • Count & Name-Aroma
  • Prayer Request & Praises


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