AO: The Swamp

When: 08/24/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Goggles, LEO, Mayhem, Mule, Never Happened, Pop Tart (2.0), Wildcat, Wolverine,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

“Guns are Us”

AO: The Swamp (Bill Faye Park)

Date: 2021-08-24


Total: 8

FNG’s: 0

FNG Names: Mayhem, Wolverine, Goggles, Pop Tart, Mule, Never Happened, Wildcat, LEO



5:30a  Welcome 

  • NJ  LEO  
  • Listen to Body & Modify


Warm-ups: Mosey to Ball field – Foul line:

  1. Side-to-Side
  2. Pushups w/ Kickouts Lt/Rt
  3. Sumo Squats
  4. Table w/ Kickouts Lt/Rt
  5. Burpee w/ Superman Rolls
  6. Shoulders Rolls Lt then Rt 4x  Forward, then Backward  (Sides & Front)


Mosey to the ROCKS for CURLS:

  • Each PAX chose a ROCK for our main focus on Curls. We also added Should presses, and Thrusters. We planked to recover from sets with count-aroma in various fashions: Regular Count, Odd number count, and Roman Numeral Count.
  • We left momentarily for Picnic Rafter Pullups, and Returned – Rinsed and Repeated.


Mosey to Front Picnic Shelter(4 Rounds with declining in number by one each round) 

  1. Pull-ups 5
  2. Derkins 10
  3. Dips 15
  4. Squats 20

 Moseyed back to the ROCK QUARRY for More Curls.


Returned to Flag for Hamstring Stretch.    

 6:15a  COT

  • Count & Name-Aroma w/ Video
  • Prayer Request:


Fire Ant, Sissy Bar’s Ms. Treva;

-COVID: Farva & Family, Scrappy & Family

-Blessing for Hollowed Grounds to get good support from those in the community, in that it will be get the attention of men who need F3 in their lives and see the benefits of F3.

  • Announcements:

Mayhem Q tomorrow for Freedom Ruckers.


I have left some things out. I apologize in advance for not remembering every prayer concern and announcement.

 Thanks to Mule for the opportunity to Q and the brotherly love and support from the PAX.

 Respectfully submitted,


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