AO: Q-Source

When: 01/29/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Bonesaw (DR), Burpee, Chestnut, Forrest, Goggles, Grease Monkey, Speed Square, Truth Hurts,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Forrest

The BackBlast:

Eight (8) PAX gathered at the House of Hope over a hearty Lovick’s Café breakfast to share some quality time, food and meaningful conversation.  Today’s topic was the Shieldlock, the value and meaning behind it.

YHC’s general thoughts on the reading

-Eyes up front men

-Hunters not hiders

-Man hunts in packs cooperatively with other men

-Make sure you have your 6 aka your rear covered

-Horizontal recognition: everyone looking out for each other

-Concept of team vs. club?  Club seeks companionship and a team performs a specific mission for the benefit of the community.  Effective teams use the rule of 3P:  Proximity, Purpose and Periodically. As an effective team, like a shieldlock, we use each other’s peaks and valleys to stay balanced.

We lock shields with other HIMS to protect what is most important.  Without locking shields, there is no male to male accountability.

Thoughts from today’s PAX

Why do we hunt the way we do?

We were created that way and we run on feel, just need the accountability.  We hunt in teams based on physical ability because we all have different skill sets.

Why is the 6 important?

We are all the 6 at some point in life or in some aspect.  We pick each other up at any given time.  The 6 is not necessarily the weakest person.  It is the understanding that there is someone we know that has our back.  In biblical terms, the first is last and the last is first.  The 6 has a whole different perspective from the rest of the group.  It is why we as men must protect our M and families by leading from behind them.


Final thoughts from the PAX:  Remember to stay balanced in all aspects of life and start thinking about who you want to lock shields with.  Ask other PAX if they have suggestions for you as well.  The shieldlocks are temporary and may change over time depending on how you shape

We ended with a prayer led by Truth Hurts.  Thank you fellas!



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