AO: Row the Boat

When: 03/18/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Cousin It, Forrest, Fruity Pebbles, Goggles, Gopher, Hobby Lobby, My Pleasure, Phoenix, Shortstop, SOL, Tow Bar,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cousin IT

The BackBlast:

Fruity Pebbles was also there, but couldn’t list him above…  YHC roped him into riding down to reunite with some of the guys since he is Q’ng Saturday too!  Found out when we were almost there that this was his first trip to their Mothership/Bill Faye Park!  Not the best time to come since it was a blackout for the most part, but always good to come to see the Ktown boys!  Knew the Q was coming soon and as asked Gopher reminded YHC.  We rolled in about 15 minutes early to an empty parking lot, about 5 minutes later the PAX started rolling in.  Welcomes were spoken and it was time to…


10 Punch Jacks IC

10 Good Mornings IC

10 Copperhead Squats IC

The Thang

We took a short mosey to the closest field toward the tennis courts for a little Burpee Baseball after splitting the PAX into 4 groups:

Home – Up Downs

1st Base – Burpee

2nd Base – Burpee + Additional Merkin

3rd Base – Burpee + 2 Additional Merkins

Complete the starting base for a minute, then make one rotation around the field.  YHC had 3 laps in mind, but the dirt was soft and 1 lap was plenty of Burpees.

Because of the darkness, YHC let Goggles lead the PAX to the Tennis Courts.  YHC gave the Bad News First…

BLIMPS in reverse counting (30 – 5)

Pickup the Six

BLIMPS with regular counting (5 – 30)

Pickup the Six

Sprint every other court, down and back togetherish.

Backward Sprint every other court, down and back togetherish.

We then did a Scout Run to the Shelter.  YHC went first, then Tow Bar (think he was headed back to the 10s courts), timed right where everyone got a chance to run out.

We then did the following IC:

5 Right Leg Leading Step-ups

5 Left Leg Leading Step-ups

5 Picnic Table Sit-ups

5 Super Step-ups

5 Irkins

5 Derkins

10 Right Leg Leading Step-ups

10 Left Leg Leading Step-ups

10 Picnic Table Sit-ups

10 Super Step-ups

10 Irkins

10 Derkins

5 Right Leg Leading Step-ups

5 Left Leg Leading Step-ups

5 Picnic Table Sit-ups

5 Super Step-ups

5  Irkins

5 Derkins

We then jailbreakished to the #ShovelFlag!

Pickup the Six!

10 Row the Boats IC


Wildcat and possible procedure.

Chicken Bus’ and families health.

Weather System tonight.

YHC closed us in Prayer!


PAX Lunch earlier today!

Hoppy Hour postponed for tonight!

Evening workout is till on, for now!

Tow Bar has his VQ @ #Greyhounds tomorrow!

1776 CSAUP coming June 5th!

#TheSasquatch, ENC CSAUP, coming July 31st!


Good to have Short Stop and Goggles back for one of YHC’s Q’s!  All the PAX pushed and didn’t give up.  YHC gives little to no rest, this made room for no #mumblechatter!  YHC fooled the PAX as we were doing reps of 5, then 10, they thought 15 was next.  Not when your the Q, you make the decision and go for it!  Glad to be there today with these men and even more grateful for Fruity to ride with YHC!  YHC is going to write up something about how special the Clown Car is, look for the link soon…

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