AO: The Floodzone

When: 01/25/2021


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Chestnut, Farva, Goggles, LEO, Lt. Dan, Never Happened, Oxy, Shortstop, Termite,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Short Stop

The BackBlast:

Nothing like hearing on slack and text messages about those who are HC (hard commit).  A little rain comes down and then all of a sudden alarm clocks get set for PM!  From the F3 Lexicon on hard commit:

A PAX’s firm acknowledgement that he will Post for a pending Workout or Event

Definition for Fartsacking:

Staying in bed instead of Posting

Which leads me to this term, knocker upper:

A brother who takes the responsibility of waking up his fellow PAX in time to post. This practice was a legitimate profession before alarm clocks were reliable (look it up).

We will let Chestnut be accountable for all the knocking up!

In all seriousness, the two I am picking at are STUDS and I am just giving them a hard time.  Others today saw the weather and chose the Blue Pill for today!  Not these 9 studs and the 6 at terminal run.

The plan was a nice beat down, but YHC was worried about some of the movements with wet KettleBells.  So we moseyed over to the farmer’s market so we can keep the KBs dry.  Safety first!



KB Halos x 10 – IC

Neck Rotations x 10 – IC

Figure 8s x 10 – IC

Low Squat Hold – 45 seconds


The Thang:

5 min EMOM

Snatches and KB merkins

If PAX had 50+ KB, 10 snatches.  30-45# KB 12 snatches, under 30#kb, 14 snatches.  Then everyone did 10 merkins on the KB.  This was all done in one minute, five rounds of it.  Absolute smoke session, heart racing, PAX bitchin!

Tabata Time:

One round equals 20 seconds of an exercise, 10 second rest, 20 seconds of another exercise, 10 seconds of rest

First Tabata, Thrusters and Russian Swings – 8 rounds

Second Tabata, KB bench press and American Hammers – 6 Rounds

Third Tabata, KB strict presses and Flutter Kicks  – 4 Rounds

Originally, YHC wanted to do 8 rounds on each Tabata, but time was getting tight and YHC wanted to get to the last exercise in.  A strict 5 minute AMRAP, as many reps as possible.  10 Overhead squats with KB and 10 burpees.  Finished with another smoke session, this one was no joke!



Prayers for Fireant, Marshall for injuries; Goggle’s grandson with COVID, LT. Dan’s friend with COVID, the Daniel’s family with COVID, everyone else with COVID, nation

Announcements:  Sunday benefit ruck, pay attention to SLACK, need a good social media marketing between now and then to make this successful.


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