AO: Splashin Woodies

When: 02/03/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Forrest, Goggles, Gopher, Jockey, Krispy Kreme, Lt. Dan, My Pleasure, Scrappy, Sprint, Tow Bar, Waterboy,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Waterboy

The BackBlast:

5 PAX warmed up with a 6-pack ab workout in the early gloom, before 11 PAX & our 4-legged friend Minnie showed up for the main event.  When Tow Bar arrived and made the rounds greeting everyone there, we knew we were in for a high energy and positive time!

The Thang
YHC began with greeting and disclaimer before explaining the “Groundhog Day” themed run: try to get as many circuits of a .36 mile loop in as possible.
Mosey from Splash Pad to Barbara Lane
The Circuit:

  • Right on Barbara Ln
  • Left on Highland Ave
  • Left on Greenbriar Rd

Begin the circuit again by taking a left on Barbara Ln… rinse & repeat
Mosey back to Splash Pad

It was impressive to see men push themselves towards their respective goals this morning.  Some ran more than 4 miles while others ran longer without stopping than they had in years – and all encouraged and supported each other along the way.
YHC was especially impressed when one PAX said that he was going to run from “box to box” – meaning a full lap around the block starting and ending at a cardboard box that had blown into the road.  He did it! (and before the workout was over, the box was returned to the sidewalk for pick-up)
Ask yourself: what is your “Box-to-Box” goal for today?  Pray about that – set your sights on it – run the race with perseverance!

Circle Of Trust
Patience, grace, and guidance for Scrappy’s family as they navigate the school situation at home
Sissy Bar’s wife who will be going to receive treatment at Johns Hopkins Medicine soon
Kaylin, Leray, and all who suffer from depression at this time
Sprint’s M’s surgery scheduled for tomorrow
For elected officials at every level, that they would be led to make wise decisions and actions for the welfare of all people – special prayers lifted for decisions pertaining to schools
All searching for employment
F3 expansions in the area near Holloway Park & in LaGrange
Tow Bar’s friend Jada

LT Dan is leading a new Q Source starting this Thursday (Feb 4) at 6pm, meeting at the Serv Pro office (661 Sussex St, Kinston, NC 28504)
Feb 13 is the 5k/10k/Half Marathon convergence with FiA at Bill Fay Park

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