AO: Double Play

When: 05/22/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Beetle, Bubba (2.0), Flow (2.0), Grease Monkey, Jockey, Lt. Dan, Mule, Permit, Pop Tart (2.0), Scoops (2.0), Sprint,

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: Coupon, Noodle, Blank

QIC: Jockey

The BackBlast:


  • COTTON PICKERS (15 in cadence)
  • GOOD MORNINGS(15 in cadence)
  • SIDE STRADDLE HOP (15 in cadence)
  • ARM BURNERS (15 in cadence)
  • DON QOIXOTES (15 in cadence)
  • MONKEY HUMPERS (15 on downs)
  • HAND RELEASE MERKINS (10 on downs)

The Thang:

  • Starting at the play ground plank while giving pain stations locations.
  • Starting location was 20 imperial squats.
  • Jog/Run 789 ft to small ball field bleachers and perform 20 triceps dips.
  •  Jog/Run ½ mile to church on Phillips road and perform 20 merkins.
  • Jog/Run to left on Heritage and left on Rosanne (through Food Lion Parking lot) ½ mile then 10 Burpees.
  • Jog/Run 1/3 mile to bleachers at tennis court then 20 derkins.
  •  Jog/Run 1/3 mile to the back to the starting point.
  • Rinse and repeat one time total of approx. 2.75 miles.
  • Modified route was loop only in the park.
  • Cool down exercise was lay back on your six and think of all the things to be thankful for.


Prayers for Sissy Bar M and fireant.

Anouncment:  EC work out at LCC starting at 0530



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