AO: The Floodzone

When: 01/11/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Bidet, Chestnut, Cock a Roach, Farva, FireAnt, Gopher, LEO, Never Happened, Oxy, Scrappy, Termite,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Oxy

The BackBlast:

So it was about Wednesday last week when I realized I didn’t have anyone to Q this week at the Flood Zone (I’ll blame it on Covid) so instead of begging someone at the last minute YHC decided he better just do it himself. This is what we did

Warm up:

SSH x 15 (IC)

Good Mornings x 10 (IC)

Merkins x 10 (IC)

Arm Burners – 4 ways x 10 (IC)


The Thang:

Each round would be 2 exercises doing 21, 15,9 reps or up 9,15,21 with a mosey of some sort in between each set

Round 1- 21 Overhead kettlebell press, 21 Merkins- run to picnic table

15 Overhead press, 15 Merkins- run to table

9 Overhead press, 9 Merkins- run to table

Round 2- Farmer Carry to Gazebo and back after each set

9 goblet squats, 9 WWI situp

15 goblet squats, 15 WWI situp

21 goblet squats, 21 WWI situp

Round 3- Run to picnic tablet and back after each set (this set sucked)

21 Russian swings, 21 burpee with jump over kettlebell

15 swings, 15 burpees

9 swings, 9 burpees

Round 4- 1 Arm overhead carry after each set

9 cleans, 9 Nolan Ryans

15 cleans, 15 Nolan Ryans

and time called at 615!

Awesome work by all who came out and got after it today!



Continue praying for Lee Howell family

Chestnuts Friend who lost their daughter

Chestnuts family

Everyone Hurting that may not say or show it

Patience for Gopher during basketball tryouts

Mindy Rouse


Never Happened let out a big 55 during the name-o-rama but YHC didn’t really notice but it was his birthday so Happy late Birthday to Never Happened!! ¬†oh and he has the Q Tuesday at The Swamp!

Its not official but I think we are going to make Pearson Park the permanent spot for Flood Zone from now on. Better lighting, more grass and other options for workouts. Also people Camp out there and sometimes we could be loud especially if playing music so might need to keep that I’m mind. While its not official it is being discussed and will let everyone know on Zoom and during announcements at other workouts




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