AO: Expansion

When: 02/15/2021


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Analog, Chestnut, Chub, Honey Bun, Marshall, Mayhem, Maytag, Phoenix, Seltzer, Shortstop, Spark Plug, Squatter, Toucan, VAS, Watch Dog, Well Done,

Number of FNGS: 4

FNG Names: Honey Bun, Maytag, Seltzer, Toucan

QIC: Short Stop

The BackBlast:

YHC is selfish and I know my time in the gloom is numbered with kids returning to school, plus I want some work with sandbags to get better prepared for GrowRuck and GoRuck events.   So with the help of Marshall, today’s plan came to fruition.

First of all, thanks to Chief Brian Wade (Marshall) for allowing us to use their Fire Station as an AO.  I know Well Done and Farva helped as well.  Leaving those three Studs the responsibility of naming this AO, they have EARNED it!

After talking this AO up, we had 16 post, 4 FNGs.  Welcome Honey Bun, Maytag, Seltzer, and Toucan.  Thanks to all the PAX for bringing extra ruck sacks and sandbags so everyone who posted could participate.  Very humbling to see everyone being selfless with their equipment and thank you to Marshall for getting tires out there to do the burpee step-ups.

Welcome to the PAX who Posted

Core Principles




SSH x 15 – IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 – IC

Merkins x 15 on my down

200 M run



The workout was already programmed for us, the GoRuck Tribe Iwo Jima, workout.

With ruck on, 19 Sandbag cleans, 300m ruck with sandbag, 45 burpee step-ups, 300m ruck.  Two rounds of this.  The only difference is we did a 400m ruck instead of 300m ruck each time the WOD called for a ruck with sandbag.




Name-o-rama (named the FNGs)

Prayers:  Mike Mays, Maytag’s Mom, David Jones wife





Pretty powerful day for YHC.  I wasn’t worried about numbers, that wasn’t my goal.  I wanted to have a tough beatdown to get ready for these events.  I thought we would have 6-8 post, but 16 blew me away.  All the veterans stepped up, helped YHC with equipment, encouragement, and proper mechanics.  I appreciate my brothers Phoenix, Chestnut, Mayhem, Farva, Well Done, Marshall and Analog for all the support.   Looking forward to getting more OGs out here and a bunch of new FNGs who say getting up at 5:30 am is too difficult.  Maybe this leads to more evening workouts, we shall see!

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