AO: Terminal Run

When: 02/01/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Burpee, Chestnut, Duff, Forrest, Goggles, Gopher, Jockey, My Pleasure, Shortstop, Sprint, Truth Hurts,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Goggles

The BackBlast:

YHC was honored with the opportunity to Q the Terminal Run this morning, and started by joining Jockey, Sprint, and Short Stop at 5:10 am for a 6Pack (600 reps of abs work in 17 minutes or less)


We gathered up at the Shovelflag for the welcome and disclaimer. Then we paired up based on our current comfortable 5K pace times. Once paired, we laid out the plan. Pairing up this way was intended to help make sure each PAX was challenged on his current level, and running the loop was intended to keep us all nearby one another.

We’d all run one loop for a warmup. Then Runner A in each group would slow to an easy pace, counting down from 100 with two numbers on every exhale to make sure he truly slowed his pace (and to strengthen his pulmonary efficiency). Runner B would complete 10 reverse lunges (5 per leg) before running his best race pace to catch up to Runner A. Then Runner B did the easy pace & counting while Runner A did the lunges and race pace. We repeated this until the 35 minute timer in my pocket went off, alerting us that it was time to make one more loop as a cooldown before returning to the Shovelflag. According to my watch, we all completed approximately 4 miles of intervals. Great work, men!


Counterama, namerama,

Prayed for Bob Dawson, his family, and all those involved in his transport and medical care. Also prayed that we would all be the men God has created and called us to be.

Announcements: Benefit Ruck was postponed – stay tuned to reschedule information, Get ready for the Feb 13th 5K 10K & 1/2 Marathon with FiA.


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