AO: The Swamp

When: 02/09/2021


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: CPR, FIN, Goggles, Gopher, Hobby Lobby, LEO, Lt. Dan, Mule, My Pleasure, Never Happened, Oxy, Phoenix, Scrappy, SOL, Truth Hurts,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Truth Hurts

The BackBlast:

Bootcamp Q, Feb. 9, 2021

Faith & Fitness Collide

15 Pax enjoyed a slightly warmer morning as we combined FAITH & FITNESS.  During recoveries, we asked many questions to get men thinking about what’s most important.  Questions like:   What are you thankful for?  Who had the greatest impact on your life?  What has F3 meant to you?  What are you changing in your life right now?  How if F3 impacting you?

My purpose was 2-fold:  Challenge us to think about the truly important things and get our minds of the pain and fatigue.  Very encouraging to see several long conversations taking place after the workout and men engaging with each other.  Iron Sharpening Iron!

Thankful for the opportunity to lead and thankful for the relationships with these PAX.

Special thanks to Mule-Bryan Johnson for his help, encouragement, and tips on my Boot Camp VQ!


5:30  Welcome

Not a professional

Listen to Your body & modify as needed

Any Friendly new guys

Honored to lead you guys and be part of this LIFE-CHANGING group

Pledge of allegiance

Prayer of encouragement and commitment

    1. Good Mornings (20)
    2. Good Evenings  (20)
    3. Hallelujahs  (20)

RECOVER:  Something You are Thankful For

    1. Side-Straddle Hops (in-cadence) 20
    2. Under the Bridge  (3-tap stretch)  (in-cadence) 15

RECOVER:  Person Who Had the Biggest Influence in your life and why (2)

    1. Seal Claps  (in-cadence) 20
    2. Squat (2-count on my down) 20

RECOVER:  How has F3 Impacted Your Life (1)

    1. Bicycle Cross Crunches  (in-cadence) 20
    2. Lunge squats  (in-cadence) 20

RECOVER:  How has F3 Impacted Your Life (1)

    1. Run – Warm-up- 2 laps

Mosey over the softball field with steps

RECOVER:  What are you changing in you life right now?  (1)

-Select a partner (1 & 2’s)  (modify as needed)

-100 World War 1’s combined  (1 running to the bushes & then switch)

-100 Air Squats combined (1 running to the bushes & then switch)

-Plank (1 running to the bushes & then switch)

-60 Merkins  (1 running to the bushes & then switch)

-100 flutter kicks  (1 running to the bushes & then switch)

Circle of Trust

Count-a-Roma – 15


Prayer requests

    1. Bob Dawson


Prayer – Lord’s Prayer

Today’s Thought :

“Highly successful leaders realize it’s better to complete others than to compete with others.“

-John Maxwell

Do you know the joy of helping others win?



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