AO: Double Play

When: 04/17/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Beetle, Bonesaw (DR), Bubba (2.0), Flow (2.0), Gopher, Grease Monkey, Landlord (DR), LEO, Lt. Dan, Oxy, Shortstop, Sprint, V-Bucks (2.0),

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Quack

QIC: Sprint

The BackBlast:

Welcome and Disclaimer:

Advised everyone i am not a professional and they should modify the exercises if needed to prevent injury.


15 side straddle hops

10 Good mornings

10 Butt kickers

1o  Arm burners

10 High knees

10 Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

We did a short mosey to the seating behind the baseball diamond.  Here we did a set of

10 step ups   and 10 WWI sit ups.   We did a quick run to the fence and back and did another

10 step ups   and 10 Decline Merkins.  Another run to the fence and back then

10 step ups , 10 WWI sit ups, and 10 Decline Merkins.    One last run to the fence before

10 step ups,   15  WWI sit ups, and  10 more Decline Merkins.

We then did a Mosey to the Tennis courts for the main event.

Down the length of the  6 tennis courts was placed 12 signs .  Each sign displayed a number representing one of the 12 days of christmas

and also displayed the name of an exercise.

1 Burpees,  2 Lunges,  3 Flutter Kicks,  4 Mt. Climbers,  5 LBC’s,   6 Murkins,   7 Jump Squats

8 Freddy Mercury’s ,  9 Plank Jacks,  10 Monkey Humpers,   11 No Surrenders,  12  Imperial Walkers

The objective of this exercise was torun to each of these stations (starting with 1) and complete the corresponding

number of the listed exercise.  Then just as in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”  you would back track completing each of the

previous exercises .

Everyone pushed themselves to complete the entire task.  There was lots of picking up the six and encouraging one another.

Cool Down:

Ourj cool down consisted of a slow Mosey back to the main parking lot.



Naming of the FNG:

The young man was brought into the circle.  Here he divulged his want to attend the University of Oregon  and run cross

country for the Ducks.  He was given the name Quack.


Prayer requests were given for Sissy Bar and his M,  Fireant and his family, Bonesaw’s brother who lost his wife and is struggling

to cope, and a friend of Oxy who recently lost his mother.


Two opportunities to get in some extra rucking miles on Sunday  April 18 th were discussed.  Monday scheduled

workouts were discussed.  Also the new workout on Tuesday morning in LaGrange was advertised.


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