AO: Double Play

When: 02/06/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Bubba (2.0), Chestnut, Flow (2.0), Forrest, Goggles, LEO, Lt. Dan, Marshall, My Pleasure, Oxy, Short Circuit, Shortstop, SOL, Sprint,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Lt. Dan

The BackBlast:


15 SSH

The Thang:

Run to 1st PH

10 Manny Pacquaio

10 Slow Mercans

Run back to the tennis courts

Balls to the Wall -Indian run style down one side of the fence, lateral leg raise down the next side, plank down the next side

Mosey back to the other park parking lot

Tabatas at each cone 30 seconds of work 15 seconds of rest rotate to the next come for two rounds

Cone 1:Mercans

Cone2: Hillbillies

Cone3: Lunges

Cone 4: Crab Humpers

Mosey to playground/shelter

Tabatas 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest 4 exercises with 3 rounds.

No Surrender

Step Ups


Mosey too the wall

3 rounds of wall step ups

Mosey back to parking lot

WW1 sit-ups


15 Good Morning


Pray for SissyBar and his M. They’re in Maryland now awaiting surgery.
Farva has 2 herniated discs

Sprint’s M is recovering from surgery, still in pain.


Hug a Ruck tomorrow morning, take off from Splashing Woodies

Ephesians 4:2-3

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