AO: The Silverbacks

When: 02/11/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Chestnut, FireAnt, Forrest, Goggles, LEO, Lt. Dan, Marshall, Mule, Never Happened, Short Circuit, Shortstop, Sprint, Squatter, Well Done,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Marshall

The BackBlast:

All Pax circled up and waited for Shortstops 5:29 arrival. Like a well oiled machine he posted at 5:30 sharp. So we began Marshall’s Revenge as it became to be known during the beat down. I was swiftly reminded I had another day of running coming up, so all the running studs were allowed to do whatever they wanted as long as they were doing what the rest of us were doing.

We started with a short warm up consisting of:

15 X Cotton Pickers IC


Followed by a short mosey over to the baseball field where we completed 6 sets of 5 Burpees with a 15 yard hustle in between each set OYO.

After this we moseyed over to the picnic shelter for a little surprise.

Round 1: 1 minute of each exercise with a 30 second break between. Incline Merkins, Step Ups, Decline Merkins, Dips OYO

Round 2-4: 30 seconds of each exercise with a 30 second break between. Incline Merkins, Step Ups, Decline Merkins, Dips OYO

We then made a failed attempt at an Indian Run over to the soccer field. We will have to try this again next time. I’m not sure if this was due to the fatigue from the shelter beat down or to the amazing speed put down by Well Done.

At the soccer field 3 exercises were planed for each corner. After completing the exercises the Pax would run a lap and move to the next corner.

Corner 1: 25 X Mountain Climbers, 20 X Freddie Mercury’s, 15 X Hill Billy’s

Corner 2: 25 X No Surrenders, 20 X WWIIs, 15 X Don Quixote’s

Corner 3: 25 X Squats, 20 X LBCs, 15 X Imperial Walkers

Corner 4: 25 X Flutter Kicks, 20 X American Hammers, 15 X Arm Circles

We completed 3 corners before running low on time so we moseyed back to the Shovel Flag.



Count O Rama

Name O Rama

Prayers were lifted for: Sissy Bar and his M, Sprints Wife, Holloway Park AO, LD, Frava and Runt as they deal with injuries.

Announcements: Pax Lunch today at San Juan, Q Source tonight at Serve Pro w/Never Happened on the Q, Saturday Convergence with FIA at Bill Fay with coffee after at Middle Grounds, Reminder of new AOs at NL and in LaGrange.

We finished with a picture where Well Done had the guns out before the sun come out. Attached is a high quality photo taken with my IPhone 3.75. I am sensing some severe jealousy over my sweet iPhone…..


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