AO: The Swamp

When: 02/16/2021


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Goggles, Hobby Lobby, Layup, LEO, Mayhem, Mule, My Pleasure, Oxy, Phoenix, Short Sale, SOL, Tow Bar, Viking, Waterboy,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Kayam Shepherd, Dynomite

QIC: Goggles

The BackBlast:

YHC was honored when asked to Q this workout at The Swamp when the scheduled Q couldn’t safely do it due to injury. On short notice, YHC cuold have recycled a previous weinke, but wanted to do something fresh if possible. I did a quick Google search to find a little factoid for this date in history:

16 Feb, 1933: Fourteen sticks of dynamite encased in a time bomb were found on the top of Lyric Theater in Lubbock, Texas.

A workout called, “Beat the Bomb” was born!

YHC checked the weather forecast and the workout was crafted to be completed under the Rotary Shelter and utilizing the tables due to severe weather & lightening.

When I arrived, I was the only one at the park and there stood a proud and lonely F3 Shovelflag that could possibly have been there since Saturday.

Welcome and disclaimer. Warm up with SSH 15 IC, Imperial Walkers 15IC, Squats 15IC, then mosey to the shelter

Beat the Bomb: Each PAX takes a turn coming to the center, completing 40 2-count mountain climbers and pull a card from the deck before the PAX complete 20 of the current exercise. While in this role, he’s the “Bomb Technician.” If he doesn’t succeed, the card he pulled will require 25 rather than 20 reps. He will announce/lead the exercise on his drawn card (properly) and the next PAX will try to beat the bomb. Rep counts increase by 5 each time the bomb isn’t beaten.

14 Cards pre-selected to represent the 14 dynamite sticks. Cards are preselected for picnic table/under-shelter workout. Shuffled, but bottom card is Burpees as a strong motive to prevent allowing rep count to increase.

Cards were: Freddie Mercury, Standing Lunge, Plankjack, Oblique Crunch, Dip, Incline Merkin, SSH, Merkin, Monkey Humper, Flutter Kick, Squat Thrust, Squat, and Burpee

We worked hard and made through an entire round without an explosion. Then we shuffled the cards and started over. A little exhaustion set in and a bomb tech didn’t beat the bomb. All the PAX joined in making a cool “BOOM” sound and the rep count increased to 25. We made it through 8 cards on the second round before time to return to the Shovelflag.

Cooldown – Imperial Walkers 15 IC, Good Mornings 15 IC

Counterama, Namerama, Named FNG, Prayer requests included KHS sports teams, Tow Bar preaching a funeral today, Jada Stevens interview, Short Sale & M, Sissy Bar’s M, tornado victims, and several others I can’t remember. Announcements included Holloway and LaGrange launches in March, PAX Lunch Thursday at El Tequila, and 2 workouts tomorrow: Running at Splashin’ Woddies and Rucking at Freedom Ruckers

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