AO: Expansion

When: 05/19/2021


Number of Pax: 27

Pax Names: 6-Shooter (2.0), Air Guitar, Backboard, BigBird, Bogey, Burpee, Cannonball, Chestnut, Coach, Cobra (2.0), Gopher, Honey Bun, Jarhead, Landlord (DR), LEO, Nemo, Pellet, Runt, Shank (DR), Shortstop, SOL, Speed Square, Strings (2.0), Warden, Waterboy, Well Done,

Number of FNGS: 9

FNG Names: Coach, bogey, back board, warden, cannon ball, big bird, Nemo, jar head, air guitar


The BackBlast:

Explain F3, disclaimer, mission, core principals, motto

Goals- flexibility, cardio, strength, balance and core

the thing- breathing and stretches, head circles, good night, good morning, Abe vigoda,low back twist, cobra

lap around playground 1/4 mile.
squats, arm circles, hill billies, merkins, imperial walkers


Karate kid, balancing cat

plank, Freddie mercuries, Superman.
Moleskin: great start to a new AO. It is important to note that this will be a typical low impact workout. Qs will have to resist the urge to push harder. Focus on the goals.

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